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District 9 director to helm new Alien film


Neill Blomkamp, the director behind ‘District 9’ and ‘Elysium’ has been picked by 20th century Fox to helm a new ‘Alien’ film.

This new film will take place some years after ‘Prometheus 2’ which is still in development, Ridley Scott is directing that film and is attached as a producer for Blomkamp’s film. A few month’s back, Blomkamp had released concept art of a then unnamed alien film, he indicated then that this concept art for this ‘alien’ film was just a creative exercise and that the film won’t be made. However, it seems after the buzz that the concept art had created, it was enough to convince 20th Century Fox to give this film a shot.

Neil Blomkamp is a South African director that is known for his debut sci-fi film ‘District 9’. He followed this up with ‘Elysium’. Blomkamp’s current film ‘Chappie’ is set to be released in early March.

I really like this development; I enjoy Blomkamp’s directorial style which I think will give this film a unique look.  I hope they get some good writers for the film because I found the last alien film ‘Prometheus’ a bit muddled when it came to story, visually it looked cool but the story didn’t exactly hold up. I hope for this new alien film, the story is done better than it’s last outing.

What do you guys thing of a new alien film in the works, let me know in the comments

Sources: Variety,Hollywood Reporter

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