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Eli Roth’s Online Murder Mystery

Horror celebrity Eli Roth is producing an online murder mystery on the video messaging service Snap-chat. The date of the event is Sunday 7/26/2015.

Produced by Crypt TV ( a company Eli Roth is a partner in), the event will feature noted internet celebrities including  Logan Paul, Nick Bateman, Lia Marie Johnson, Jack Baran, and Simone Shepherd. The story is classic, they be attending a mansion party and will be killed off one by one.

The viewers will then have 24 hours to look over the Crypt TV’s Snap-chat page in order to figure out who is the murderer. Recipients will also have a time limit for how long they can see the messages.

With this and the Green Inferno coming out in September, it seems to be a big year for Hostel director.

Yes, call me the Mr. Roth defender. I like the Hostel movies, Rotten Fruit, and his acting (he was the best part of Rock of Ages). This sounds like a cool idea and I hope it goes well. Now if he can just give us an update on the full length version of Thanksgiving.

How many of use Snap-chat? Who is going to check this out?

Source: Variety  

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