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Fans Petition to Bring Back Derek Riggs

I met Derek once. He was extremely fun to talk to.

When the fans want something they will do anything to get it. Even if that means starting an online petition.

Dedicated Iron Maiden fan Derek Tigner has started an online petition asking for Iron Maiden to reinstate Derek Riggs as their exclusive artist. Tigner states: “Derek Riggs’ artwork and visual direction is second to none. MAny fans view his artwork to be as influential as the music Iron Maiden produces. Things haven’t been the same since he stopped being their exclusive artist, so we plead with the band to bring him back for any future artwork needs.”

Riggs is most noted for creating the famous mascot for Iron Maiden, Eddie. Riggs has done the artwork for all of Maiden’s albums up to 1990’s No Prayer For The Dying, after which his contributions to the band were reduced drastically. Riggs continues to draw incarnations of Eddie to this day and his latest works can be found via his Facebook page and website. Also, be sure to check out his book Run for Cover which details all the artwork Riggs has done over the years for Maiden.

Do you think Iron Maiden needs to bring back Riggs for good? Let us know in the comments below!
Source – Metal Hammer

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