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“Farscape” Movie Is Currently Being Written


During a panel at the WonderCon convention in Anaheim, CA this weekend, “Farscape” creator and showrunner Rockne O’Bannon confirmed that a film adaptation of his cult sci-fi series is currently being written.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s the worst kept secret,” O’Bannon said. “We’re far from production, but yeah, the first step is Justin [Monjo] working on a script for us. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.”

Monjo was a writer and producer on the series.

Rumors of a “Farscape” film started floating around in February when Australian trade publication IF Magazine published a story on Monjo, which said he is writing the script.

According to Tor, Monjo’s script takes place after the comics and focuses on D’Argo, the son of main characters John and Aeryn. After D’Argo is born he starts exhibiting a set of interesting powers, which makes him a target for villians.  To protect their son John and Aeryn hide out on Earth and raise their son there. After 19 years D’Argo is ready to go into space with his parents.

“Farscape” is an Australian and American TV series that ran from 1999-2003 on SyFy Channel. Ben Browder stared as John Crichton, an astronaut who, during a space mission, gets thrown across the universe via a wormhole. John is hunted by a military organization called the Peacekeepers after an accident results in the death of the brother of the Peacekeepers captain. After fleeing from the Peacekeepers, he ends up on a large, living space named Moya and on board he meets a group of aliens trying to find their way home. Needless to say adventures ensue.

In 2002 the show was cancelled before the fourth season was about to begin. While the series ended with a cliffhanger, fans received some closure with the 2004 three-hour mini-series “Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars.”

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Source: Cinema Blend

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