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Feminist Frequency head cancels speech at Utah State University over terror threat

E-mail Threats

Anita Sarkeesian has canceled her appearance at Utah State due to concerns for her safety after a terror threat was made against the event.

Sarkeesian, known for her ‘Tropes VS Women in gaming’ video series and head of the Feminist Frequency website is no stranger to this type threat; back in August, she was driven from her home due to specific threats made against her and her family after her latest ‘Tropes VS Women in gaming” had been released. This current threat was made by an anonymous person via an e-mail sent to Utah State U officials who threatened a mass shooting over Sarkeesian’s appearance at the university in partnership with the schools Center for Women and Gender studies.  The e-mail threatened “the deadliest school shooting in American history” if university officials didn’t cancel Sarkeesians’ appearance.  The e-mail goes further, threatening “If you do not cancel her talk, a Montreal Massacre style attack will be carried out against the attendees as well as students and staff at the nearby women’s center”.

The ‘Montréal massacre’ the e-mailer is referring to was a mass shooting that occurred on Dec 6. 1989 at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal where a man marched into one of the classrooms ordered all the men in leave and then began shooting. The rampage lasted nearly an hour and when it was all over, 14 women were dead and numerous others wounded. The gunman’s hatred of women and particularly feminists was a key motive behind the massacre.

Due to this major threat and the fact that police would not provide adequate security for the event citing Utah’s conceal carry laws which doesn’t allow the barring of persons with a legal conceal carry permits from entering public buildings including at the state’s univeristy, Sarkeesian choose to cancel her appearance. Local law enforcement as well as the FBI are now investigating the threat.


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