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‘Fight Club 2’ Comic Book to Be Released

Writer Chuck Palahniuk has announced that Dark Horse Comics will be releasing sequel to “Fight Club” (debatably his most famous book).

The plot of the story is that it is ten years after the events of the first book. The unnamed protagonist has married love interest Marla Singer and has a nine year-old son called Junior.

“He tries to go back and reclaim that phase of his life, and is just a pathetic failure,” a quote from Chuck Palahniuk.

While trying to be a good father and attempting to get his life back in order, Tyler Durden and Project Mayhem soon come back into his life.

“He’s not that person anymore. But beyond that, it’s what the organization has grown into in his absence and what he’s pulled back into.”

Chunk Palahniuk has been a writer since the mid 1990s and released his first book (“Fight Club”) in 1996. Other works by him include the novels “Choke” and “Snuff.” He is also a freelance journalist who has interviewed a number of famous people.

“Fight Club” was later turned into a film in 1999. Staring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton and was directed by David Fincher, the film was a box office disappointment and had mixed reviews from movie critics. Over the years it has become one of the most famous cult films of the 2000s.

This series will be ten issues long and will released in May of 2015. Artists Cameron Stewart and David Mack will be helping Chuck in the creation of the comics.

How many of you are interested in the books? Who would have even thought of a sequel? Let us know in the comments.

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