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Flintstones Theme Park/Campground for Sale

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own the city of Bedrock from the Flintstones. Well, according to, an old RV campground in Williams Arizona could be your closest opportunity. All you need to do is pay 2 million dollars to buy it and then get some more funding to fix it up.

Build in 1972, it is a licensed Flintstones park 30 miles from the Grand Canyon. Run by a husband and wife for over 25 years, the place has many life-size recreations of many Bedrock landmarks like the Flintstones home, The Rumbles home, the Bedrock Jail, the School, and dinosaurs that the little ones can slide on.

There is also a convenience store, diner, RV Parking, employee living area, and even Wilma’s laundry room where anyone can clean their clothing. To give you a better idea, here are some pictures from the park’s Yelp page.

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In all fairness, most of the reviews about the place see it as a quaint rest stop for those who are traveling to and from the Grand Canyon. A number of people have also pointed spots where the area is a little worst for wear. So it is also not a surprise that the seller is also pitching the land to be turned into an outlet mall or a casino. As a side note, if the buyer wants to keep the Flintstones theme, they will also need to get a new license agreement with Hanna Barbera.

Now if I wanted to own an amusement park, I would buy the one that Tom Waits lived in the movie Mystery Men. I don’t even know if the land or the park is even worth 2 million dollars. Also while I enjoyed the Flintstones as a kid, it is not really my favorite cartoon series. But hey, I can see some fanboy just loving the idea of owning the land and saying “Guys, I own Bedrock. Who wants to touch me?”

What about everyone else? Who would buy this if they could? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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