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G4 is coming to an end for good


G4, the gaming centric tv channel that began back in 2002 will be going off the air later this month.

G4 began in 2002 as a gaming centric tv channel with a focus on the ‘MTV demographic’ as well as gamers and creating original programming to cater to their prospective audiences’. Original shows include ‘X –Play’, ‘Attack of the Show’ and ‘Reviews on the Run’.  In 2004, Tech TV merged with G4 and it gained Tech TV’s block of anime programming under the ‘Anime Unleashed’ banner (Anime Current in Canada).  By 2012, the creation and production of original shows for the channel ceased.

There were plans to rebrand G4 as an Esquire Network back in 2013 but those plans fell through. However, according to polygon, NBC/Universal which owns G4 is dropping the channel in favor starting the new Esquire Network next September which NBC/Universal hopes will attract the upscale male audience that is underserved in the current television landscape.  Since 2012, G4 programming has mainly been just re-runs of older series like ‘Lost!’, ‘Attack of the Show’ and ‘Ninja Warrior’ along with the occasional movie. G4’s last broadcast will occur Nov 30th.

Sources: Polygon,Joystiq

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  • Alex Stockwell
    November 21, 2014 at 11:13 pm

    I watched this channel for the first couple of years, when it was all about gaming, when they would have things like the final boss fight from Super Metroid as interstitials. Then they decided “We need to be an exact clone of SpikeTV. Good riddance.

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