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GameStop Seeking Exclusive Content- Update 7/11


Gaming retailer GameStop is seeking to have a more prominent role in video games during their development in order to secure exclusive content.

During a meeting over the future of the where the company sees itself and where it wants move forward, the idea of working more closely with software publishers as well as possibly having exclusive game play as being apart of pre-order exclusive DLC for GameStop in the future.

GameStop wants to build strong relationships with developers in order to gain not only earlier access to a game during it’s development but also to get a large cut of that pre-order DLC pie for it’s customers.

GameStop already has exclusive pre-order DLC for some major titles but what this new development would mean if it goes forward is that gameStop would become involved earlier in a games development in order to secure GameStop exclusive DLC.

It is unclear whether  these strategies will work for the game retailer or how they may be perceived by their customers but for the time being this is just brainstorming by GameStop over ways to move the company forward in the future.

Update 7/11/14
GameStop will fund exclusive content for games but will not have any involvement in the game’s development process, according to GameStop CEO Paul Raines in an interview with Time magazine.

Raines pointed out that while his company does want to put funding into GameStop exclusive content for games sold both digitally and at the GameStop physical stores, they do not want to get involved with the creative processes that would form the core of a potential game. Ranies also mentioned that GameStop role was to simply fund the development of the ‘exclusive’ content and bring that content to its consumer base.

By offsetting the financial risk to game developers of developing pre-order DLC, GameStop gets the benefit of exclusive content that can be disseminated through a variety of sources including online sales, download centers and brick and mortar stores.

Pre-order DLC has become a major revenue-generating facet of gaming and one that major retailers like GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon have become increasingly involved in, using exclusive pre-order DLC to entice gamers to buy from them.

Sources: Joystiq,Polygon,Time Magazine

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