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Gaming news site Joystiq closing down


Jan 31st,2015@12:00 p.m. Joystiq, a major gaming news website is being shuttered by AOL, its parent company and will shut down for good in the next few weeks.

Joystiq was founded back in 2004 as a part of endgadget and the Weblogs network and it’s main focus was video game news, which was a boon for the site since gamers of all stripes could go there to find the gaming news that they wanted or were interested in. AOL bought Weblogs in 2005 and acquired Joystiq in that purchase.

The reason given by AOL for shutting down Joystiq is that it is  a part of a large scale closures of under-performing content properties.

I find this development disheartening since Joystiq was a fairly well-known gamin news site and one that focused more on news stories and less on editorials and fluff pieces that tend to be more prominent on other gaming sites. I hope that another company may buy Joystiq so that the people that work there are able to keep doing the good work that they’re known for.


What do you guys think of Joystiq shutting down; let me know in the comments.

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