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Geek Juice Site News: Spring 2014 Edition

Geek Juice Media just got Geekier and Juicier!

Every now and then we like to take the time to showcase the latest additions to our content and family, and give you a bit of insight into the goings on here at GJM. We’re extremely excited that our news team is growing and we look forward to the exciting content coming your way from our growing list of Shows, Podcasts, Articles, and Contributors!

New news is good news

First up our news section has greatly expanded to bring you the latest in geek and cult film entertainment. We’ve got four new contributors to our news team, click on their names to access their contributor pages and learn more about them!


Charles Campbell

Corey MacDonald


Justin Widerski

William Wright


Two awesome podcasts to keep you entertained

On top of the increase to contributors we also have two brand new podcasts to add to the Geek Juice library featuring some well known faces, as well as some soon to be well known names around here at Geek Juice! See full descriptions and archive links below!

Join Brad Jones and Mister X for this 10 part podcast miniseries, where they discuss their thoughts on each episode of Robert Rodriguez’s “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.”

Co-hosted by Martha Page & Cat O’Grady, this Willy Wonka themed show delves into movies, music, books, and more. Every show is based upon a quote from the best movie ever. New episodes every Tuesday!


First ever Geek Juice AMA

Also coming up is Geek Juice’s first AMA, with none other then the charming Dan Hicks. Find out all the details and where to send in questions right here


Question period ends Monday, April 7th so submit your questions now!We here at Geek Juice are excited by not only our recent growth, but our bright future as well! Be sure to give a warm welcome to our new contributors and be on the lookout for all the sensational things to come!

About The Author
Justin Widerski
Justin Widerski
Justin Widerski aka Etrigan Blood is a time-traveling alien ginger with a penchant for sarcasm and a weakness for muffins. Into comics, horror, anime, video games, Star Trek, Doctor Who, etc… Justin is a jack of all trades when it comes to geek fandoms, but a master of none. He started doing film reviews as a way to appease the voices in his head, but after getting proper medication he just does them for fun and in the pitiful hopes of doing it professionally. Justin's dabbled in podcasting, with a total 2 1/2 failed shows and used to be creative director on a local cable program called YRU-Up. He currently studies Film/TV at *redacted* and is a news writer for Geek Juice.

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