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“Ghostbusters III” Script To Be Reworked Following Harold Ramis’ Death


When Harold Ramis passed away on Monday many thought this might be the final nail in the coffin for the long-delayed “Ghostbusters III.” After all, how can you have a “Ghostbusters” movie without Egon? Apparently that is not the case. Sony will move forward with the project, however in light of Ramis’ death a re-write of the script is needed.

Sources close to the project told The Hollywood Reporter that Ramis and his fellow “Ghostbusters” co-stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson were supposed to make a cameo appearance in the film. The story of “Ghostbusters III” is said to revolve around a new group of Ghostbusters, and the original ones would appear to pass the baton. Director Ivan Reitman is scheduled to meet with Sony soon to discuss how to move forward with the project.

There have been conflicting reports on the impact Ramis’ death will have on the script, which is written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitksy of “The Office” and “Bad Teacher.”  One source told the publication the entire script would need to be revamped and “there will be some repercussions.” However another source said “it won’t affect the script.”

Ernie Hudson gave his thoughts on “Ghostbuster’s 3” following Ramis’ death to TMZ, saying: “Well there can’t be another Ghostbusters without Harold. It will be a Ghost- something, but it won’t be… That was always my fear – that something would happen before we all got together.” It sounds like he is not interested in coming back for the sequel.

At this point the movie is still very much in the development stage. No actor details have been signed yet and the script, even before Ramis’ death, had not progressed enough for shooting to start.

Should Sony continue to move forward with “Ghostbusters III?” Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, TMZ

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