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Google Maps App Update Allows You to ‘Catch’ Pokémon



The April Fool’s Day Jokes have already begun.

Google released an update for the Google Maps iOS and Android app earlier today that allows people to “catch” pokémon found throughout the world. The company announced this new update through a YouTube video titled “Google Pokémon Challenge. ” According to the video Google is using this challenge as a recruiting tool to find “strong willed” employees. Applicants that catch all the pokémon would be invited to the “Googleplex” for the final round of hiring and the winner would begin working for Google on Sep. 1, 2014.

While the video may be a joke the update is not. If you open up the app and tap the search bar you will see a blue pokéball that you can use to enter the game. There are 150 pokémon for players to collect and they are not limited to the original 150 species of pokémon. As you collect the pokémon they are stored in your pokédex, and as it grows you start to receive statues or trophies. Sadly the world you are exploring is ours and not that of the pokémon universe. However there is great attention to detail, Google HQ in Mountain View for instance has been replaced with a pokémon lab.

The “challenge” is open from today until April 2, 2014.

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