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Guess Who is Acting in Kevin Smith’s Tusk?


Kevin Smith’s new film “Tusk,” which is about a man who kidnaps a journalist and forces him to live with him dressed as a walrus, already has some interesting cast members. The names include the likes of Michael Parks, Justin Long and Haley Joel Osment. Now, according to Justin Long, Johnny Depp has joined the cast. It is believed Depp will play French-Canadian inspector Guy Lapointe, who is investigating the case.

It should be noted however that representatives for Depp have not yet commented on this news.

Most Johnny Depp fans may not find this too surprising, given his history of choosing off beat roles and films to be apart of. In addition Smith and Depp have somewhat of a history. The two have hosted chairty events together and their daughters went to the same school. Also, Depp’s make-up artist worked on “Tusk.”  However, it seemed many people where taken aback when hearing this news. Kevin Smith had hinted that he was trying to secure a well known actor for a two day shoot on the film. In September of 2013 he released this message on his Twitter:

“HE’S IN!!! HE’S IN!!!!!! #WalrusYes (More info when I can share it. Just needed to mark the highlight of my career for future reference…)”

Tusk currently only has a release date for 2014 and will be released by A24 Films. Johnny Depp newest project is the film Transcendence and will be released April 17th 2014.

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