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Gwar’s Annual Gwar-B-Q is Still A Go


The annual Gwar-B-Q, a yearly event hosted by the thrash metal band Gwar, will still be held despite the recent death of frontman David “Oderus Urungus” Brockie. “He would have wanted it that way.” said band manager Jim Flanagan.

Gwar-B-Q will be held on August 16th at Hadad’s Lake in Richmond, VA. This will be the fifth year for the event and, according to the website, there will be “beer, bands, BBQ, a skate park, events, a water park, raffles, giveaways, guest celebrities, and more.” It is unknown at this present moment if GWAR will be performing in some form or another.

Brockie died on Sunday March 23. His death is still uncertain but authorities do not suspect foul play. A public memorial for Brockie will be held at the venue the day before Gwar-B-Q.  This will not be the first time GWAR fans have suffered a loss as guitarist Cory Smoot died of a heart attack in 2011

Gwar, formed in 1984 by accident, has always been known for their wild stage shows and outrageous lyrics. While the band had many rotating members throughout the years, David Brockie had been with the band since the beginning. Their last release with Brockie was the 2013 album “Battle Maximus.”

Will any of our Geek Juice readers in Virginia be attending the Gwar-B-Q?

Source – Billboard News

GWAR-B-Q Website

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