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“Horns” Now Available for Digital Purchase


Can’t wait for the theatrical release of the big screen adaptation of Joe Hill’s bestselling novel “Horns”? Well look no further because it is now available for digital rental and purchase through various media outlets as of this very moment.

Hill announced this release via a Tumblr post on October 4th.

Taken directly from the post:


As of this evening, #HORNS is available to watch on-demand. You can find it on iTunes, Amazon, XBox, Comcast, Playstation, TimeWarner, DirecTV, VuDu, GooglePlay, and I’m probably missing a couple other platforms. If you were looking forward to seeing HORNS on the big screen… don’t sweat it, we got you covered. Our film is still very much headed for a Halloween theatrical release.”

“Horns” stars Daniel Radcliffe as a man accused of his girlfriend’s murder who wakes up, after a drunken night, with a set of horns growing out of his head and a taste for revenge. It is directed by Alexandre Aja whose previous works include “Haunte Tension” and the 2006 remake of “The Hills Have Eyes”.

So what are you waiting for? Check this film out because it’s honestly one of the better films I have personally seen this year!



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