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Intel apologizes over ad pull


Intel, makers of the intel micro-processors, issued an apology following the company’s removal of advertising from gaming site GamaSutra due to the ‘GamerGate’ controversy.

Intel had removed it’s advertisements from GamaSutra due to heavy pressure from the ‘GamerGate’ proponents. Intel was targeted as a part of a larger campaign against Gamasutra and the site’s editor at large Leigh Alexander who has been quite critical over the treatment of women within video games as well as in the gaming industry.

‘GamerGate’ grew out of a number of controversies involving those who working in the video game media. Some indie developers also suffered months of abuse as a consequence. The ‘GamerGate proponents claim that the actions they have undertaken these past few months were done as a way to shine a spotlight on perceived ‘corruption’ and ethics violations made by Gaming journalist, reviewers and game developers. Critics charge that the ‘GamerGate’ movement is simply attacking and harassing those it perceives as bad for the industry and most of their most prominent targets have been women including cultural gaming critic Anita Sarkeesian, indie developer Zoe Quinn and media critic Mattie Brice.

While Intel has apologized for the removal of its ads from Gamasutra, the ads have not returned and many critics’ believe that by removing these ads, Intel gave tacit approval of ‘GamerGate’s bullying tactics. It’s another unfortunate incident in these now months long ‘GamerGate’, that seems less to do with ethics in gaming journalism or rooting out corruption and collusion in the industry and more to do with a concerted effort by a vocal minority to keep women out of gaming and to try and run those who are already there out.


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