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Jack White to Make “World’s Fastest Released Record”


Did you know on April 19th it’s Record Store Day? On that day thousands of record stores celebrate the unique culture that is the independent vinyl record store. Why do I bring this up you ask? Jack White, formally of The White Stripes, plans on recording and releasing “the world’s fastest released record” that very day to help celebrate Record Store Day.

Jack’s plans are to perform his new single, “Lazaretto”, at 10 A.M. in the Blue Room of his record storefront of his label Third Man Records in Nashville. The entire performance will be cut to acetate and as soon as the performance is done the master will be given to United Record Pressing to begin pressing 45s. The 45s will be delivered back to the store that very day and will be available all day while the demand exists.

The 45 will only be available at Third Man Records and only on Record Store Day.

Fans who wish to witness this performance must get an “Ultra Ticket”. The ticket itself is only available to Third Man Records platinum members and will be available on April 3 CST.

Source: Rolling Stone

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