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James Franco Wants to Play Who?


According to Seth Rogan, actor James Franco may play the part of infamous director Tommy Wiseau in the upcoming biographical film. Franco plans to direct a film based on “The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside ‘The Room'” written by actor Greg Sestero about his experiences working with Wiseau in the famous “so bad it’s good” movie  “The Room”.

“The Room” tries to tell the story of Johnny, a man with the perfect job, girlfriend and life. That is until everything comes crashing down around him after his girlfriend cheats on him. The “movie” is more fondly remembered for it’s various problems and not exactly it’s story. It’s notorious for it’s introduced/forgotten plot elements, weird production choices, and the writer’s/director’s/star’s over-the-top acting.

The screenings of the movie have become events much in the vain of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” with its own props and planned out jokes. Tommy Wiseau himself seems to embrace the unexpected famed that his movie has given him claiming the movie was a dark comedy all along.

Seth Rogen, who’s set to produce the film, has stated that it will have it’s fair share of dark material as well as laughs. “What’s interesting is [Wiseau] had to restructure his thoughts on it to some degree. Because he wants the acclaim and attention but all that’s associated with somewhat acknowledging that it sucks shit,” said Rogen in the radio interview.

Are you looking forward to this generation’s “Ed Wood”? Could James Franco pull off Tommy Wiseau? Sound off below!
Source: Huffington Post , Entertainment Weekly

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