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Konami confirms ‘Silent Hill’ cancellation

After much rumor and speculation, Konami has confirmed the cancellation of the latest ‘Silent Hill’ title ‘Silent Hills’ to the chagrin of many fans.

This all started when it came to light that ‘PT’, a playable teaser used to promote the latest ‘Silent Hill’ game was delisted and removed from the Playstation network last Friday. That weekend, some of those who were directly involved with making ‘Silent Hills’ including Guillermo del Toro who was co-directing the game with MGS creator Hideo Kojima made comments that the project was dead. ‘Silent Hills’ was announced last year to much fanfare and the teaser demo ‘PT’ got many fans excited for this new entry into the silent hill franchise and that it was a collaboration between big names in movies and video games: Del Toro and Kojima.

It all came to a crashing halt with Konami making it official that the ‘Silent Hills’ project was dead. There is some speculation that friction between Hideo Kojima and Konami may have played a role in the demise of ‘Silent Hills’ but it is only speculation at this point.

I think that this news sucks especially for the fans who were clamoring for a new ‘Silent Hill’ since the past couple of ‘Silent Hill’ games were not well received, many fans were hoping for a return to the roots that made the ‘Silent Hill’ games great.


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Sources: Kotaku, Polygon

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