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Mark Hamill wants Killing Joke

Who wants to see this happen?


For many fans of the clown prince of crime, few actors top the performances of Mark Hamill since he appeared in Batman: The Animated Series in the 1990s. He has since done critically acclaimed work in more cartoons, video games, and con appearances performing his murderously cheeky take on the most famous villain in comics. Now he has his sights on the up coming adaptation of Alan Moore’s and Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke.

The story of The Killing Joke is about the Joker attempting to prove to Batman that any one can be broken down to becoming as bad as him, while Batman worries over how far he must go to stop the Joker. Soon Joker kidnaps Commissioner Gordon and attempts to torture him with details of what he did to Barbara Gordon. During all of this, the Joker tells a story about a struggling stand-up comic with a loving pregnant wife that got caught-up with mobsters in order to make ends meet.

After his wife dies, the comic still has to help the gangsters break in to a chemical plant he worked at. Being set up as the fall guy for the robbery, he soon confronts the Dark Knight. During the fight is falls in to a vat of chemicals that radically changes his hair, lips, and skin color. Compounded with everything else that was going on, the man goes insane and he becomes the Joker.

The story is one of the most noted one shots  in comic book history. While the Joker does not state that the story is true, many see it as his true origin story. The parts about the vat of chemicals were used in Tim Burton’s and Bruce Timm’s stories about the character. It was also the jumping point for Barbara Gordon being Oracle.

While promoting JLA: Gods and Monsters, Bruce Timm announced that an animated retelling of the story is in the works. The director of the new JLA series, Sam Liu, is slated to direct this project and it is planned to release the film straight to DVD in 2016. No other details have been released about the project.

When asked if Timm would reunite with Mark to play the famed demented jester, All Mark would say was that he has his fingers crossed.

Can’t he is the only one, There is a long-standing Facebook page dedicated to getting the film made and having Mark Hamill play the signature role and it currently has 11,000 members.  Me being one of them because I want this to happen. He is my favorite Joker and I enjoy The Killing Joke. I know Alan Moore isn’t too interested in that book or anymore of his works becoming films, but if everything goes the way I am hoping it will, I’ll be buying a copy of the movie as soon as I can.

Who else wants this to happen? Let us know in the comments?

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