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Megaupload’s Creator Facing Lawsuit Filed by RIAA


It looks like the RIAA are not done with Megaupload and its owner Kim Dotcom.

Two years after the U.S. Department of Justice raided his New Zealand home and indicted him for the revenue he made off of his website, the RIAA has decided to add on to the ever growing pile of lawsuits against Dotcom. The organization, who has been at it for almost 15 years indicting companies like Napster and Limewire, has filed a lawsuit against Megaupload, stating that Dotcom allowed his users to participate in “rapid, unrestricted downloading of popular, infringing content.” This lawsuit isn’t the first one against Dotcom this month, as the MPAA filed a similar lawsuit earlier last week.

Since the closure of Megaupload Dotcom has opened a new website similar to his old one called Mega. Dotcom has reacted to the filing by stating on twitter “Copyright extremists are having a party on #Megaupload’s corpse after the witch hunt and public burning of a totally legal cloud storage site.”

Do you agree with the RIAA or should they leave Megaupload dead? Leave your comments below.

Source – Rolling Stone

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  • doug
    April 15, 2014 at 10:01 am

    They do obviously have a legit claim, but so does the asshole who blows someone’s chest open with a shotgun at 3AM for trying to steal their TV. It’s clear that they’re not interested in justice here; they just want get revenge and make an example so they feel like they’re in control of something that cannot and never could be controlled in the way they want it to be. All they’ll accomplish is driving more and more people away from the corporate system and into the arms of the artists who sell their wares directly via amazon, itunes, etc. Fact is big studios are obsolete, for music anyway, and every time they throw a fit and scream “noo, I’m still a god; respect mah aw-thoritah!” they just further undermine the small chance they had of overhauling themselves and actually staying somewhat relevant. What? Tens-of-thousands used Megaupload for legit storage and not as a pirating port, and our petty greed caused them all to lose their data? Well fuck them; we’ve got lawsuits to file.

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