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Michael C. Hall is the Lead in Popular Musical

Dexter star Michael C. Hall will be performing the lead role in a broadway production of the rock n roll musical  “Hedwig and The Angry Inch.” He will be replacing the current Hedwig actor starting Oct. 16 and ending on Jan. 4. The Belasco Theatre will holding the performances.


Written by actor and filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell, with music and lyrics created by Stephen Trask, the show is about the life of rock star Hedwig. While living in East Germany, she was a man by the name of Hansel and fell in love with a male US soldier. In order to marry him and get to the other side of the iron curtain, he must become a woman. After a failed sex change operation, he takes his mother’s name “Hedwig.” After a year in America, her husband leaves her and the Berlin wall fails on the same day. Hedwig now fronts the glam rock band The Angry Inch and is angry at a former lover for stealing her work and becoming a bigger star than her.

The show premiered in 1998 with John Cameron Mitchell as Hedwig. It has had a number of successful runs on various stages. In 2001, Mitchell both directed and stared in a film version of the musical, which opened to positive reviews. Earlier this year, he announced plans for a sequel to the show.

Michael C. Hall be replacing current Hedwig actor Andrew Rannells, best known for roles in HBO’s Girls and the Broadway smash “The Book of Mormon”. Before him, Neil Patrick Harris played the transgender rocker in this current run of the show.

 “Over the years, people of all stripes have come up to me and said “Hedwig meant a lot to me”, and they understood it’s a beautiful metaphor. Yes, I’m playing a person who’s trans…but she didn’t want to be; Hedwig does not stand for trans people, she was mutilated against her will! A woman plays a guy who wants to be a woman as a back up singer. Everyone knows this was a fairy tale, a story that you could interpret in many ways. ”

-John Cameron Mitchell

How many of you guys would like to see Dexter perform as Hedwig? Tell us in the comments.

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