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Microsoft/Valve partnership brings VR to Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that it is working with Valve studios to bring Virtual Reality gaming to the Windows 10 platform.

This partnership will allow VR games to be played on PCs running Windows 10 via Valve’s vive headset which was co-developed with mobile phone company HTC.

This news follows Microsoft earlier announced deal between Microsoft and Oculus that would have the retail VR sets of Oculus sell with a wireless Xbox one controller and the Oculus software being fully supported on Windows 10 PCs.  The Oculus Rift will also be able to play Xbox One games via a streaming service. It’s believed that Valve’s vive headset may incorporate a similar service for use on the Xbox One.

This news is interesting; it seems that Microsoft is trying to making their mark in the rejuvenation of Virtual Reality gaming by giving support to as many of the VR developers as they can to take advantage of the best tech and innovation and apply that to it’s own platforms like Windows PCs and on the Xbox One. I’m curious how these VR sets will work in a consumer setting and will this be something that become ubiquitous in gaming or will simply be a niche product for a niche market

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Sources: Engadget,The Verge,Gamespot

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