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More “Midnight Rider” News- Update 5/4/14


Actor William Hurt, playing Greg Allman in the film “Midnight Rider,” has left said production. This announcement comes in the wake of a boycott on the film by crew workers protesting the death of Sarah Jones.

The accident occurred when a improperly scheduled shoot on train tracks were interrupted by an oncoming train. In an attempt to get everyone off set, Jones, a second camera assistant, wasn’t able to get off herself. Six other crew members were injured in the accident as well.

Following her death, massive campaigns both mourning her passing and protesting the production company, Unclaimed Flight, spread across the internet. William Hurt is only the latest in the string of cast in crew to leave the production of “Midnight Rider” due to the increasing controversy over the film and the practices of the studio.

Unclaimed Flight intends to continue with the production, of course recasting some roles, which is surprising considering the court cases that have been looming over the production. The local county police will be laying out a case for trespassing and negligence to the Georgia’s Brunswick Judicial Circuit soon, but will not pursue an investigation unless instructed to by the DA. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board will be investigating and L=lawyers on behalf the families of the victims may also serve a civil suit to the production company.

Update- 5/4/14

Greg Allman, the inspiration for “Midnight Rider,” has filed a lawsuit against the production companies Unclaimed Freight and Allman LLC. Allman is claiming that the option to his life rights has expired since they were supposed to have commenced principal photography by February 28.

The complaint states that the “Defendants have unambiguously expressed their firm intentions to proceed with production of the motion picture under the Formal Option Agreement, as amended, by the beginning of June…”

Allman claims that the shoot that Jones died during was a “pre-production pre-shoot.” Unclaimed Freight denies this, but the suit assures that their own admissions and production schedule contradicts this. The suit aims to shut down any attempts to make a film about Allman’s life.

With the stacking efforts against them, do you think Unclaimed Frieght should or could quit? Sound off in the comments below!
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