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Stanley Hotel “The Shinning” Maze Design Contest

05The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado is beginning 2015 with a contest. The establishment is as asking designers everywhere to design a 61,500 square mile maze inspired by the classic Stephen King novel “The Shinning.” The Maze will be build in the front of the building.

Build in 1909, The Stanley Hotel was already a Colorado hotspot due to its location. It has 140 rooms and great views of the Rocky Mountains. Among the many famous patrons that have stayed in the hotel one of the most famous was writer Stephen King. It is said that while King and his wife were lodging there, it was nearly empty. Since the hotel is already rumored to be haunted by many ghosts, the writer found the whole experience to be unsettling and it soon lead to the classic novel.

Anyone can take part in the contest. According to the website, here are the rules:

– Designs are restricted to the use of hedge and path only.

– The maze should begin and end at the points indicated by arrows in the template (found in the hotel link below).

– The maze should be drawn inside the orange space in the center of the template. The maze will cover an area of 61500 square feet for the front lawn.

– The size of the hedge and width of the path should be equal to those shown in the key of the template.

– Designs should be layered over the template provided.

– Designs should submitted by midnight on 1/31/15.

– All files should be submitted in PDF or EPS format via the email address

– All submissions email should include full name, street and email addresses and phone number of the contestant.

The contest will be open until January 31. The winner’s maze will be opened in a ribbon cutting ceremony on April 30 at the 3th annual Stanley Film Festival.

While I am not very good at drawing, I think that this is a cool idea. Yes, it is a marketing ploy, but hey, it’s a creative idea. Can’t wait to see the winner.

How about you guys? Anyone want to take part in this? Let us know in the comments?

Sources: Stanley Hotel Website, West Word




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