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My Experience Meeting Charles Band at HorrorHound Weekend

Charles Band – Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati on March 22nd, 2014. Photo by Charles Campbell

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend my first ever horror convention, HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio. Filled with a plethora of celebrities and vendors, there was just so much to see and do that it was almost overwhelming. I could tell you about the experience I had while standing in line to meet Bruce Campbell or the outrageous moment I had partying with Clint Howard at a punk show, but those stories are either too short or just me bitching. Instead I want to tell you about one man in particular that I met and whom I have had a great admiration for over the years, that man is Charles Band.

Many of you may know Charles Band as the owner and operator of Full Moon Features. Yes,  the same Full Moon Features that brought us such films as “Puppet Master,” “Killjoy,” “Gingerdead Man,” and “Evil Bong.” You might be asking yourself, why is he writing about this man? All he makes is schlock and low budget trash. Well, I just so happen to like schlock and low budget trash so meeting this man is like meeting an idol. Plus, If it wasn’t for Charles and his previous company Empire International Pictures we wouldn’t have cult classics like “Re-Animator” and “Ghoulies.” This man has brought so much to the horror field that I couldn’t help but get ecstatic over meeting him.

How was my experience meeting him, you might ask? Simply put, Band loves his company. He loves it so much and he wants you to love it as well. When I first walked by the Full Moon table I noticed Band looking at something on an iPad. That changed when I started looking at the first movie I picked up. Now keep in mind, the product Full Moon was there to promote was their new online streaming service.  However the first thing Band asked me was if I had seen the film I was holding, which was “Castle Freaks.” I told him I haven’t and the next thing I know he goes into this extremely detailed description of the film that just made me want to watch it right there. That was when I realized this man doesn’t just want to sell you his films, he wants you to love his films. To be perfectly honest, the first thing I did when I got home from the convention was watch the movie, just because of how he described it.

Our conversation did not end there. Band and I talked for a good 20 to 30 minutes about various films he has done and Full Moon in general. As I am writing this my biggest regret is that I didn’t have a tape recorder on me to get an interview, because the conversation by itself would have been worth an article. He told me about the time he worked on “Trancers” and all the wonderful moments working on the “Puppet Master” series. It was fascinating to hear him speak about so many of his titles and he even talked a bit about his father Albert’s work. I honestly could have stayed for hours and listened to some of the stories, but sadly I had to eventually move on.

Towards the end of our conversation I realized he only mentioned the streaming service to me once, which I signed up for. Band sold me on his product and I wanted more, but he also sold me a person I could get behind. I went to several other booths throughout the day but Band was the only one who seemed really enthusiastic about what he was doing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure if Lloyd Kauffman was at the Troma booth that would have been entertaining in it’s own right, but sadly he wasn’t.

It became apparent to me after our discussion that I now have an undying loyalty to this company. You probably think I’m crazy for believing in a company after having only a 20 minute conversation with a man, but here is the thing: Charles Band is a perfect salesman, he makes you believe in his company. Don’t believe me still? The final nail in the coffin for me was he was able to get a friend of mine, who isn’t into low budget horror or grindhouse flicks whatsoever, to sign up for the streaming service.

To end this little piece of a fun experience I had, I would like to share this fun little tidbit with you all: When I was asking about “Castle Freak,” which was done by Re-Animator director Stuart Gordon, he told me that him and Gordon are currently in the works for a new movie together. Sadly he didn’t go into details, but if it’s anything like their last collaboration together then by all means make it happen fast.

Charles Band, if you ever read this, keep up all the work you are doing and keep bringing the schlock.

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