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Naruto Manga is Coming to an End

Popular manga magazine Shonen Jump has announced that the series Naruto will be ending its serialization in November. There are only 5 episodes of the manga left to publish.

Created by Masashi Kishimoto and published by Shonen Jump in 1999, The series is about a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki. He has spent most of his childhood being hated by those who live in his village. They see him as a hot-headed simpleton and many also hate him because he is the vessel for a deadly spirit called the nine-tail fox. This spirit is also responsible for the death of his family.

Because of all this, Naruto trains to become a master ninja and dreams of becoming Hokage (leader) of the Hidden Leaf village. At first it is to get respect from those who looked down at him; but overtime it becomes so that he can protect everyone he cares for from many dangerous foes.

Through out the series, readers see Naruto develop as a skillful fighter, a powerful force for good, and a loyal friend to all those who gave him a chance.

The manga is has become one of the most well-known in popular anime circles. That lead to the Naruto anime series and it’s sequel Naruto Shippuden which is currently on going and airing in America on Toonami. Both shows have spawned OVAs, Movies, spinoffs, and video games.

The final episode of the manga will be released in Japan on November 10 2014. Also another movie, called The Last: Naruto the Movie, is to be released on December 6 of the same year.

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Source: Crunchy Roll

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