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National Geographic to Air Rifftrax Specials On April 1?


It’s no secret, we here at Geek Juice Media love “Mystery Science Theater 3000” and its subsequent spin-offs “Rifftrax” and “Cinematic Titanic.” On Tuesday it was announced that the Rifftrax guys- Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett- would be making a return to television. However there is a crucial detail to this story that indicates this might be a prank or hoax of some sort.

The A.V. Club reports National Geographic Channel is launching a new series staring the Rifftrax crew. Titled “Total Riff Off” it will feature Nelson and company riffing on National Geographic programming. This all sounds like great fun, however the program is scheduled to air on April 1, which is of course April Fools day.

Neither National Geographic nor RIfftrax have confirmed if this show is real. The only source is a listing on the TV Guide website. According to the listing three episodes are scheduled to air that night and they are titled “Killer Shrimp N’ Friends,” “Demon Bat” and “Pig Love.”

Only one way to find out if this is legit. Tune into National Geographic at 8 PM on April Fools Day.

Do you guys think this is real? Or are the Master Riffers pulling an elaborate prank on us? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Sources: The A.V. Club, TV Guide

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