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Blip Tv To Close-Reviewerverse Sh*ts Self

As predicted by Geek Juice last summer, is finally closing down and purging all video content on 8/20/15…and the internet reviewers that didn’t heed our warnings are collectively freaking out:

But this being the internet, fear of the future quickly led to the kind of short-sided bridge burning we’ve come to expect from the digital hugbox brigade:

Geek Juice's Reaction

Geek Juice’s Reaction

And of course, some came not to praise Blip but make fun of it:

So, what lessons have we learned here?

-never keep all your eggs in one basket
-ALWAYS have a plan B
-when looking for a new provider MAYBE don’t trash talk your previous one in a public forum
-dis net shyt be treacherous, yo

We at Geek Juice will probably be reporting on this again once many of these creators get their asses handed to them by You Tube’s copyright bots.

-mister X

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