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James Woods Sues Twitter Troll, Doesn’t Understand “Streisand Effect”

Actor and political suicide bomber James Woods has decided to sue a twitter troll that accused him of being a coke addict for defamation to the tune of $10 million. An excerpt from said lawsuit specifically states that twitter user @abelisted “…jeopardized Woods’ good name and reputation on an international scale.” Unfortunately, Woods did not seem to understand that by making this news public it would have the completely opposite effect of what he hoped to achieve:

So now instead of a single semi-coordinated attack from one twitter user, Woods has unleashed the internet hounds…and his rather divisive political opinions only give professional trolls more excuses to jump on the dogpile:

Which leads to an interesting question:

We at Geek Juice have always felt if you choose to engage with social media aggressively, you need to be prepared for backlash-if you’re a public figure, doubly so. To us, it seems like Woods can dish it out but maybe can’t quite take it-what concerns us more is the implication of what could happen to online discourse if this case somehow succeeds.

Free speech isn’t always pretty, but the moment you restrict it just because you have more power than the offending party, that’s what we call a “slippery slope”.

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