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New D&D film moves forward after lawsuit settled

There’s a new Dungeons and Dragons film in the works after a long and costly lawsuit over the film rights has been settled.

In 2013, Hasbro working in partnership with Universal Studios started work on a new D&D film. Around the same time Warner Bros and Sweetpea were working towards their own D&D film. Soon after, Hasbro sued Sweetpea over the film rights. That lawsuit has been settled and a new film is being worked on.

This new film, which already has a draft script, written by David Leslie Johnson, the writer behind ‘The Conjuring 2’,Orphan, and Red Riding Hood,  which is set in the Forgotten Realms. There is also Brian Goldner and Stephen Davis from Hasbro, Courtney Solomon and Allan Zeman from Sweetpea and Roy Lee from Warner Bros who are producers on the new film. While there is neither cast nor director attached to the film, Warner Bros is confident that the Dungeons&Dragons brand and nostalgia will push the project forward.

This news is nice to hear; the sword and sorcery fantasy genre hasn’t had a lot of screen time in recent years outside of Lord of the Rings franchise, so it will be neat to see what they come up with. Here’s hoping it’s better than the 2000 film .

What do you guys think of a new D&D film in the works? Let me know in the comments

Sources: IGN, GamesRadar


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