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New Plans for Elvira

If you are a modern horror fan, the name Elvira: Mistress of the Dark should instantly make you excited. Since the early 1980s, Elvira’s Movie Macabre presented many great and so bad they’re great B-films from many different ages of cinema. While a feature playing, The bubbly horror host would interrupt it and tell jokes, lovingly rip on the film and just have some good old spooky fun. Even after she wasn’t on TV any more, the character and Cassandra Peterson herself are seen as cult media stars for many a fanboy and fangirl.

At a recent convention, after she answered questions from many fans, She announced two big projects.

The first thing was that she plans to release is an autobiography. No word on a release date or a title.

The other project is a cartoon series based on, you guessed it, Elvira herself. No further details have been released and more will be reported as they come up.

Like many of you, I hope both these projects see the light of day. As a media and horror fan, I think her autobiography could be an interesting read and as a cartoon fan, I can just jump for joy about the ideas that his show could produce.

How about you guys? Which ones do you guys want to see?

Source: Ihorror, A V Club 

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