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Nintendo’s Tomodachi Life will not Allow Same-Sex Relationships


Video game maker Nintendo has gotten itself into hot water over their upcoming 3DS title Tomodachi Life. Tomodachi Life is a life-sim game that uses Miis, Nintendos’ unique brand of virtual avatars, to interact with each other and play a variety of activities as well as engage in friendships. Such friendships can become romantic and it is over the romantic relationships options that Nintendo finds itself in trouble for.

In Tomodachi Life, Mii can have romantic relationships with other Miis, get married and even have children. However, this only applies to heterosexual relationships, as same-sex relationships aren’t possible unless you change the gender of one of the Miis. This was possible when the game launched in Japan but was fixed (along with some other technical issues) a month after release. Nintendo has stated that the world that exists in Tomodachi life is an ‘Alternate world’ instead of a real world simulator like The Sims.

Due to this controversy, an online campaign has started to persuade Nintendo to allow same-sex relationships, which was started by Tye marini, a 23 year old gay man who was upset over the fact he could not marry the Mii avatar of his real life fiancé within the game. Mr. Marini started the “#Miiequality” campaign as a way to get Nintendo to change its position on relationships within the game, but Nintendo has stated that they will not make changes to allow for same-sex relationships within Tomodachi Life despite the outcry for this change to be made.

Tomodachi life launched in Japan in April 2013 and will come to North America in early June this year.

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