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Noriega suing Activision over ‘BlackOps 2’


Former Panamian dictator Manuel Noriega is suing Activison over their use of his likeness in the 2012 ‘Call of Duty BlackOps 2’.

According to court documents, Noriega alleges that activision used his likeness to increase the popularity and revenue generated by ‘BlackOps 2’ without his authorization or consent. Noriega claims that activision had unlawfully exploited, misappropriated and blatantly misused his likeness and image during a mission in ‘BlackOps 2’ He also alleges that ‘BlackOps2’ portrays him as a kidnapper, murderer and enemy of the state all of which he alleges has harmed his image and is looking for damages for unjust enrichment and business practices on the part of activision and violation of common law public rights in regards to activisions’ portrait of Noriega within ‘BlackOps 2’.

Manuel Noriega was the former dictator of Panama who came to power in 1983 and was head of the country until 1989 when the United States invaded Panama in December 1989 in order to capture Noriega over drug smuggling charges. Noriega was put on trial in 1992 and convicted of drug smuggling charges. After serving his sentence in the US, he was charged and tried again in 2007 in France and was sent to jail a second time. In 2011,Noriega was conditionally released and extradited back to Panama to serve 20 years in prison there.

Sources: Polygon,Courthouse news,Eurogamer

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