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‘Out of this World’ Platformer Coming to Playstation


“Out of this World,” a classic PC platformer, is being re-released for Playstation 4, 3 and Vita on June 25th.

“Out of this  World,” created by Eric Chahi originally came out for PCs back in 1991 and has had numerous console releases since then. The SNES and Genesis ports of the game introduced console gamers in the 90’s to ‘out of this World’s’ harsh environments, dangerous alien creatures and the beautiful backgrounds that made up the backdrop to the game.  Chahi used cinematic technique to create (for it’s time) cutting edge cutscenes and real time cinematic scenes.

In 2011, it was rereleased for PCs and for this current re-release for consoles, the bacgrounds, animations had to be cleaned up and the whole game brought up to current gen standards for consoles.

Out of this World was one of the inaugurating games for the Museum of Modern Art’s Video game collection and an effort by fans to create a live action film based on the game.

Sources: Polygon,Joystiq,IGN

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