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Rob Zombie to Direct Groucho Marx Bio

Remember that part in Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects when it was revealed that all the killers’ names and aliases where names of characters played by Groucho Marx . Well Mr. Hellbilly Deluxe himself is attached to direct a film about one of cinema’s original smart asses.

For those of you who only recognize the man by his glasses and mustache, Groucho was a comedy veteran before the Golden age of Hollywood. A member of the famous Marx brothers, He was noted for his quick wit, innuendo heavy one liners, and the brother’s famous slapstick routines. As a performer on the vaudeville stage, he used grease paint to make his mustache and eyebrows look thicker.

He performed in over ten films with the brothers. After that he made appearances in radio, television, and was a favorite for talk shows. He also hosted the quiz show You Bet your Life. Safe to say that a number of people in the world of comedy see him as a great influence. Hell, he was an influence of many of the modern comics’ influences.

The film is to be based on Groucho’s former secretary Steve Stoliar’s 1996 book “Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho’s House.” The script is to be penned by Love and Mercy and The Messenger writer Oren Moverman.

“After reading the book Raised Eyebrows, a totally new perspective on Groucho’s life emerged. I immediately saw this project as Groucho’s Sunset Boulevard and knew I had to bring it to the big screen. It is a sad, funny and very dark tale of a one of Hollywood’s greatest stars final years.”

Rob Zombie

Currently there is no planned release date or casting rumors. Rob Zombie as of now is filming his crowd funded carnival horror picture 31. No word yet on a release date for that one ether.

I am a huge Rob Zombie fan, I have nearly all of his albums and I have seen all of his movies. The only films I have issues with are Halloween 2 (I found it to be mostly head scratching) and Lords of Salem (thought it was boring when I first saw it). I remember a while ago hearing about his movie about a hockey team in the 1970s, I was thinking that I wanted to see it because I love the idea of Zombie doing a non horror film. I wanted see what he would do with a movie that had different elements for him to work with. I was sad to find out it is currently not going to happen, but now I am more excited for this film.

I have recently gained a bigger interest in the Marx Brothers and knowing Zombie’s love of movies from the 1930s and 40s, I really hope that this comes to theaters. I am honestly wishing this will be to Rob Zombie what Big Eyes was for Tim Burton. That I will see a movie that I can go to non fans of the director’s work and tell them to give this one a try because it has less of what they are expecting and is still a clearly a film by this director. I know am setting some high hopes for a movie that has not fully entered preproduction; but hey every fanboy/girl has their squeeze moments.

Who else wants to see this? Let us know in the comments.

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