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“Roger Rabbit” Book Author Officially Plugs “Geek Juice”

Wow…This is pretty big!

Ok, so some of you are probably quite aware that my latest episode of “From Pages to Pictures” was released. Here’s a little bit of behind the scenes action of what happened. While searching for media to use in the episode to represent the scenes laid out in the book, I stumbled across a very talented artist on Deviant Art by the name of Justin Sneed. I liked what he had to offer. It was a little rough but had sort of a Robert Crumb style to it, which I felt worked given the gritty nature of the book.

Check out Justin’s wonderful artwork here:

Of course I already had my friends Mike Kimpton and Mat Brunet doing the title card. I needed something more for the episode. So I asked Justin if I could use some of the artwork in his gallery for the episode. I sent him some samples of my work to show him what the show was going to be about. Not ONLY was he thrilled to give me permission to use his artwork for the episode, BUT he also suggested I write an e-mail to Gary K. Wolf about the episode when it’s done.

That’s right, Gary Wolf. The man who wrote the book “Who Censored Roger Rabbit.” So now that I know his email thanks to this guy, I’m about to make Geek Juice history. Yesterday, after the release of the episode, I sent it to Gary in an e-mail. And I didn’t expect to THIS response less than half an hour later.


Nice job. You really did your homework on this one. I was not aware of it. Glad you tracked me down and sent it.

I always assumed that the book, as I wrote it, was unfilmable. It was meant to be the good book, the best I was capable of writing, something that would force readers to use their imagination. In order to be filmed, the story had to become literal, something viewers could see and understand, little or no imagination required. It’s in that context that I believe Disney and Spielberg succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

I’ll be happy to post it on my facebook page and on my blog.

And now the evidence. Dear reader, witness Gary’s blog:

And here’s the part where it gets even better:

FPTP Gary Wolf

You read that screen capture correct. In the little history that Geek Juice has had, an author whom I reviewed was actually proud enough of something we did enough to plug the site wherever he could! To me, this is really big. The only way this could be better is if Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis tweeting us like mad.

This is a huge boon also to every site that this show is featured on. Mr. Coat and Friends, The Zero Level, Manic Expression, all of them get credit for this too. If it weren’t for the viewers I’ve gotten from those sites who have kept the show alive all these years, this would never have happened.

Thanks guys! You rock! =-)

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