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“Sons of Anarchy” Video Game Back In The Works


“Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter confirmed on Twitter last Tuesday that a video game based on his popular drama series is back in the works.

Sutter said it will be a first-person, action adventure game with HD graphics. He also said the game will “represent the evolution of gaming.”

“I cannot give you anymore details, but i will tell you that there will definitely be an SOA game. And it’s pretty fucking awesome. It’s been a long and frustrating pursuit, but I’m tenacious. And kind of dickish,” Sutter said.

This is not the first time Sutter has promised a “Sons of Anarchy” game. In February 2012 he announced a browser-based game was in the works. However in May of 2012 he decided he wanted to make the game a “real console experience.” The project came to halt in August due to a lack of support from FX and the game’s “big publisher” pulling out of the project. Sutter at one pointed contacted game developed Rockstar via Twitter and asked if they would be interested in making the game.

“Sons of Anarchy” is a drama series about a California motorcycle gang called the Sons of Anarchy. “Pacific Rim’s” Charlie Hunnam leads the series as Jackson “Jax” Teller, Vice President of the gang. It also stars Katy Sagal of “Futurama” and “Married with Children” as Jax’s mom Gemma and Ron Perlman as Clay, Jax’s stepdad and leader of the gang. The sixth season of the series recently finished and the seventh and final series is set to air in the fall.

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