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Sony breaks through The Great Wall; Playstation products to come to China


Sony, in partnership with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development, is bringing Sony Playstation products to China according to a statement filed with the Shanghai Stock exchange.

Sony, working with OPCD, will form two companies in the Shanghai Free trade zone: one to deal with hardware manufacture and sales, the other to focus on managing services such as software R&D, licensing, distribution, etc… In order for Sony to be able to sell consoles in China, they must work with a local company out of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone so ownership of newly formed Sony Computer Entertainment Shanghai will be split 70/49 between Sony and OPCD, respectively.

Sony had been putting the pieces in place for entering the Chinese market since April when Sony Computer Entertainment created an internal group to focus on the emerging Chinese market. Under the moniker “China Strategy Department,” it was headed by Takehito Soeda who was appointed to the V.P position in December.

Although there aren’t many concrete details surrounding what Playstation products will be coming to China or when, the fact that the console maker is setting up shop in China is a good sign. It was only this year that China lifted the 14 year ban on foreign companies selling their video game consoles in Chinese markets. Sony will be joining Microsoft, whose Xbox One console is set to go on sale in China in September.

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