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Sony to launch streaming service


Sony’s gaming division will be launching an internet TV streaming service along side a streaming gaming service by the end of 2014.

While the Sony PS4 has been doing quite well sales wise, the other divisions of Sony haven’t been faring very well as of late.  As a way to get more revenue into the company, Sony is taking its gaming division, Sony Computers Entertainment, and utilizing them for this video streaming service which they hope will boost their revenue. Sony struck a deal with Viacom that will see 20 Viacom owned channels end up on this streaming service. The announcement of this streaming service is a part of the lead in to the release of the Playstation TV in the U.S. on Oct 14.  The gaming streaming service, Playstation Now, is currently undergoing a public beta with a wide variety of games to rent with pricing of games between $3 to $10 respectfully.

With Playstation Now (gaming streaming service) plus the PlayStation TV (set top box) Sony seems to be betting on streaming content, whether games, movies or TV shows as a new avenue for revenue and as a way to compete with the likes of Amazon and Apple in the streaming marketplace.


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