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Star Trek coming back to T.V. in 2017

CBS has announced that Star Trek, the groundbreaking sci-fi series, is coming back to television in 2017.

Alex Kurtzman, who co-produced and wrote the two most recent Star Trek films, is overseeing the development of this new series alongside Heather Kadin who had worked with Kurtzman on various T.V. series including Sleepy Hollow and Limitless. The new series will be produced by CBS Television Studios in conjunction with Secret Hideout, Kurtzman’s production company.

The debut episode of the new series will premiere on CBS in January 2017, However all subsequent first-run episodes will be exclusively aired in the U.S. on CBS All-Access, CBS’s foray into a streaming subscription service. The new Star Trek series will be the first T.V. series to première on broadcast television then all subsequent episodes to air on a subscription streaming service.  For $5.99/month, subscribers would have access to the new series alongside other CBS shows and content plus live broadcasts. As far as international viewers are concerned, CBS has stated that the series will be distributed concurrently on T.V. and multiple platforms.

I have mixed feelings about this; I’m glad Star Trek is coming back to television and really want to see where they take the new series; on the downside, tying the series to CBS All-Access streaming service is very concerning, how many people will actually see the new series. I doubt lots of people will sign up for CBS streaming service just for Star Trek and just how will international viewers get the see the series? We’ll just have to wait until January 2017 to see if this new Trek is worth the investment.

What do you guys thinks of Star Trek coming back to TV? Let me know in the comments

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