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New Seasons of Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa

Cartoon Network has announced that they are greenlighting more episodes of Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa. Both series are approaching their third seasons and they have been approved for a fourth and fifth season. No word yet on the air times of new episodes of both shows.

Created By Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe is a teen age boy who is half human and half gem (a race of space aliens that are living versions of known minerals). Living with three other gems who act as his teachers and care givers, they defend the earth from various threats from outer space.

Created by PeteBrowngardt, Uncle Grandpa is a world traveling magical being who is everyone’s Uncle and Grandpa. Along with his magical posse, he goes out to have fun adventures with young people everywhere and at times help them with their problems.

For Me, Uncle Grandpa is not my thing, but for those who enjoy it, I hope you all are enjoy this news.

Steven Universe however is one of my favorite shows on TV right now. I do wonder how much story they can have for 3 more seasons. But needless to say, I can’t wait.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, Deadline

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