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Tetris turns 30


Tetris, the world famous puzzle game celebrates its 30th birthday, having been originally released way back in 1984.

Tetris began as a concept created by Alexey Pajitnov, who came up with the idea behind Tetris while working at the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Pajitnov named his creation after the Greek word for the number four. By 1988, the addictive puzzle game had already sold over 2 million copies and this was before it exploded in popularity with the coming of the new handheld gaming machine in 1989 known as the Gameboy. While the original Tetris was a great success, many imitators and copycats came out trying to catch the same lighting-in-a-bottle success that Tetris had. Dr. Mario seemed to be the one that came the closest while still being popular.

With the release of the Gameboy, Tetris became the #1 handheld game of the time until 1996 when Pokemon was released. Tetris is available on numerous consoles in various versions as well as for mobile gaming and will continue to be the game that one plays on their bus/train commute into work or going on that long car trip to visit relatives. Tetris will live on forever as a cornerstone of gaming.

Where and when did you first play Tetris? Sound off in the comments below?
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