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Twitch Instigates ContentID for Music in VODs



Twitch, the streaming site popular with gamers and Letsplayers, has instituted a system to look for and mute copyrighted audio including in-game music and ambient music.

Twitch has partnered with Audible Magic, a software company that has links to the music industry to scan past and future VODs(videos on demand) for music that is owned or controlled by their clients. If the software finds videos that has music in it that infringes on copyright or copyright claim then the section of the video where that audio appears is muted for 30 minutes.

Twitch said that this practice only applies to VODs and will not occur with live broadcasts nor will a violation incur a takedown of the content. However these new rules are already having an impact on content including Valve’s ‘DOTA 2’ international channel and ironically Twitch’s own channel. Twitch also said that they are voluntarily taking these steps in order to, supposedly, protect both broadcasters and providers.

It’s early to say what sort of an impact this will have on the twitch community and it’s users but this may be a sign of things to come when it comes to online streaming, particularly when it comes to video games and have to wait and see how it all sorts itself out.

Sources: Polygon,The Verge

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