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Warner Bros Opens Batman Exhibit

Warner Bros recently  opened a huge Batman movie exhibit on their VIP Studio tour. From the Tim Burton films to the Nolan-verse, people can see the history and development of this famous movie franchise.  All for the 75th celebration of when Bob Kane introduced Batman to the world and to generate buzz about “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

The opening of the display started with the Penguin himself, Danny Devito, coming by to turn on the bat signal. He went on to say that he was honored to still be part of the much beloved cinematic universe.

“During this unique opportunity, our studio tour guides will also reveal behind-the-scenes secrets from the seven films and the classic Batman TV series, highlighting several scenes that were actually filmed on the Burbank lot,” A quote from the executive director of the Warner Bros VIP Studio Tour, Danny Kahn.

The tour includes the costumes from all the Batmans from the listed films, the costumes for Robin, Batgirl, and a number of characters from the Rogue’s gallery. Also, people can see many props like Two-face’s coins, and the different Batmoblies. They also have production stills and Batman comic books.

“To be able to see the Batmobile in person brings (the exhibit) to a whole other level for Batman fans,” said co-publisher of DC Comics Jim Lee.

For more information about the exhibit, check out the VIP tour website.

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Source: Variety 

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