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Weinstein Bros Will Not Fund Clerks 3

kevin smith After a year or so of waiting, Kevin Smith has announced that Bob and Harvey Weinstein will not finance the third Clerks film. Both the brothers had executive produced a number of films created by the director after they picked up the first “Clerks”movie. They have not produced any of his movies since “Zack and Miri Make a Porno.”

The “Clerks” films ( comics and cartoon series) are about two working class slackers. Dante Hicks (Brian O’Halloran) is a man who wishes for bigger and better things, but normally lacks the force of will to commit to changing his life. He must also deal with co-worker/friend Randal Graves (Jeff Anderson), a self-absorbed individual who seems to be fine with his place in the world.  As the stories go on, both guys debate pop culture, business ethics, and where they think their lives should be going.

Kevin Smith has reported having issues with the Weinstein company in the past. He had questioned the effort that the company put into promoting “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” and claimed that the film had suffered from a lack of promotion. He has also stated that the brothers owe him  and others money from the profits made from “Clerks 2.” The Weinsteins still own the rights to the “Clerks” characters and may still distribute the movie if Mr. Smith manages to raise the 6 millon dollars he needs to make it.

Currently, Kevin Smith is working on a number of film projects. His latest film “Tusk” is planned to be released later this year. tusk

What do you think of the Weinsteins’ decision? How badly, do you want to see “Clerks 3?” Tell us in the comments.

Source: Variety 

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