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Weird Al’s World Tour

What a great time to be a Weird Al fan. Recently his new album Mandatory Fun became the first comedy album to hit number one on the billboard charts in decades and He also created a good amount of content to go with the album. But now, Mr. Yankovic has announced a number of dates for a world tour.

Ever since 1979, Weird Al has become one of the most respected persons in both music and comedy. With his wit, out there personality, and interesting choices of songs and music styles to make fun of, he has continued to keep himself in the public eye and make many laugh in the process.

A huge number of tour dates have just been released on to his website. Starting with 5 shows in Las Vegas Nevada, other planned locations include more USA cities, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, and a number of other nations, with more dates to be announced. Tour begins May 12th 2015 and tickets go on sale on January 27th 2015. All tour dates are listed in the link below.

I am hoping to catch one of these shows. I love Weird Al’s latest album, my favorite song from it is Foil (parody of Royals). He can do great work with songs I like and make me enjoy songs that I fucking hate. I am in.

Source: Weird Al’s Website

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