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Who Wants to See a Lost Orson Welles Movie?

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One of the most famous movies that could not be seen is Other Side of the Wind by famed director and actor Orson Welles. With production beginning in 1970 and ending in 1976, Welles lost the rights to the movie due to issues with financiers. He died before he could get the film back and it took over 20 years for producers to get the its rights. Now Hollywood seeks to finish the motion picture and has asked the movie going public for help with though an Indie Go Go page.

Welles’s Other Side of the Wind is the story of classic filmmaker Jake Hannaford (played by actor and director John Huston) who after returning from Europe has plans for major come back with a film called Other Side of the Wind. Shot on a number of formats, the film was a riff on classic Hollywood, the new Hollywood directors, and the world of film making in general.

He was about to edit the piece until he lost the rights. One of his investors used money connected to the Shah of Iran and after the Shah had lost power, the new government took the rights to the movie. Orson then spent the rest of his life trying to get it back, but sadly he died in 1985 before he could. Producers have continued for years to try getting the film finished.

Though their Indie Go Go page, filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich and other producers hope to raise 2 million dollars to finish Orson’s final project. The donated funds will be used for the post production based on Welles’s notes, getting a score made, and fund the perks for those who gave money. Perks include DVDs, Posters, cigars, and other Orson Welles related merchandise. All who wish to donate can check out the link below.

If I was not trying to find a new job and trying to save money right now, I would donate in a heart beat. It may not be a perfect to see this film, but I would love to this project finished.

How about you guys? How many of you would like to donate to this project? Let us in the comments?

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