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Wizard World Comic Con Louisville (video)

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I had the chance today to attend Wizard World Comic Con, and let me tell you, it was a grand old time. The feeling of comradery , and acceptance that flushed through the building was simply amazing. I felt no fear approaching total strangers and asking them for a picture, “why?’, you may ask? Well simply put,  they always said yes. Why wouldn’t they? They worked hard to emulate, adapt, and exhibit something that they love, and for me to ask them, simply created a connection between us from their attire alone. Two complete strangers can then springboard into conversations in which they squee about new developments in their fandoms, speculate possible story arcs, talk about costume design, or have a heated debate on who is more badass, Lobo or Deadpool? (spoiler: it’s Lobo, unless it’s Herald of Galactus: Deadpool)

If you’ve never been to a convention please look into going to one some time, in fact a simply google search will yield results for conventions that are coming up your local area. Seriously just do it, as there is nothing like the feeling of standing in a building with so many people with the same interests with you; whether it be comic books, movies, video games, or whatever, it’s something you have to experience for yourself. I will post more in depth coverage of the convention in the following days, as I am reviewing my notes and such, but for now enjoy the above convention montage video, along with the great cosplay that I saw there below.

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